OMERO Update Coming Up

A new version of OMERO with new features and upgrades is out now! I am planning to upgrade the server on Friday, April 14th 2017. The OMERO server will be down the whole day

You’ll have to upgrade your OMERO Insight client to version 5.3.0 to connect to OMERO. Your current version won’t work anymore.

Also, there’s a small but real risk of data loss during the update phase. Please make sure to backup your critical data before the update.

What you need to do:

Before Friday, April 14th:

  1. Download a copy of your important data.

After Friday, April 14th:

  1. Download and install the new version of the OMERO Insight client.
  2. If you are using the ImageJ plugin to connect to OMERO, make sure to download the new plugin and replace the old one.
  3. Let me know if you have any issue, and enjoy!.

What’s new in OMERO 5.3.0:

  • Improved support for many file formats
  • Script improvements including ability to create tiled images from big ROIs
  • ROI Folders
  • New UI for displaying Screen Plate Well data
  • Support for histograms
  • ‘Open With…’ functionality in OMERO.web
  • Downloading/exporting of plate data
  • Many bug fixes

Full list of fixes and improvements available here

Written on March 31, 2017