Changes to the prices

The Molecular and Cellular Microscopy Platform (MCMP) is reducing the price of its systems used for stereology and neuron reconstruction to 5$/h. The reason is to make it more affordable to produce large studies involving these techniques since they require significant microscope time.

We will be lowering the usage fees for the following microscopes to the new price of 5$/h (previously 15$/h) :

  • Olympus BX63 (Automated fluorescence microscope)
  • Olympus BX51TF (MBF microscope from the Mechawar lab)
  • Zeiss Apotome 2 (MBF microscope from the Mechawar lab)
  • Zeiss Observer Z1 (MBF microscope AKA “the NET Microscope”)

All other microscopes are unaffected by the price change.

The price drop is permanent and retroactive to August 1st 2016. Also note that the 50h annual rebate will still apply to those microscopes and so the price for your group will be lowered to 2,50$/h after 50h of annual use from August to July of the following year.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,


Written on October 27, 2016